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How does it work

Our proven expertise in estate planning, means we can help you understand your rights and achieve the best outcome in a Will dispute or challenge.

Challenging a will

Our proven expertise in estate planning, means we can help you understand your rights and achieve the best outcome in a Will dispute or challenge.

Don't win? No fee

Not everyone can afford to pay a lawyer up-front — but that shouldn’t stop you from contesting or disputing a Will.

Who we are

Irongroup Lawyers are a boutique law firm with extensive experience in the area of estate planning. This focus means we’re well placed to help you contest or defend an estate challenge.


Our experienced people can help you understand your rights when it comes to a Will dispute and work with you to help you achieve the best possible outcome.


We have clients across Australia and would be pleased to conduct an obligation free initial review to help you decide whether to pursue a claim.

Timing is important

There are various rules applicable in different states. In Victoria, WA & SA for example, a claim must be submitted within 6 months of probate, in
NSW and ACT it is 12 months from date of death, in Queensland usually within 9 months and Tasmania within 3 months of probate.

If these deadlines have passed there is often provision to ask for the consent of the court to issue proceedings after this time.

However special conditions can apply so please contact us for specific advice regarding your claim.




Timing is important — contact us as soon as possible for an obligation free assessment.

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We Are Your Will Contest Lawyers in Australia

No one wants to think that after the loss of a loved one they might not be happy with the person's final will and testament, but the reality is that at some point it may be necessary to hire will dispute lawyers in Australia in order to dispute a will. There are many reasons for contesting a will ranging from assets being left to the wrong person to being completely cut out of a will. The one thing you need to know is that there are extremely defined limitations regarding how long you have to contest a will in Australia.

We Can Help You Learn How to Challenge a Will

Disputing a will in Australia can be a somewhat involved legal process and if you don't know how to contest a will, you may end up losing in court. When you set out to challenge a will in Australia, you will need to be able to prove to the courts why you feel the need to dispute a will. If the courts do not feel that you have a good enough reason or you lack sufficient proof when you are contesting a will, you will most likely not be granted the changes you wish to see.

We Handle Will Disputes in Australia

At Challenge a Will, we have been handling will disputes in Australia for a long time and are prepared to help you dispute a will and to help you win your case. No matter what your reason for contesting a will, our team of will dispute lawyers in Australia and will experts are here to help ensure you win your case. In fact we are so confident that we can help you win your case and successfully challenge a will in Australia that we offer an ironclad guarantee. We know that most people cannot afford to pay lawyers' fees upfront and we won't ask you to. In fact if we do bring your case to a successful conclusion, we will not ask you to pay any fees. We will review your case and only pursue it if we believe we have a reasonable chance of success, this way you never have to worry about paying our fees.